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Our materials

When it comes to the strength and quality of leather, the type of hide used determines what the leather will look like. There are three different hides: 

Full grain leather: It takes its name from the fact that the hides retain their entire grain (top layer). It’s the strongest part of the hide and it gives the leather a prized natural look, texture and durability.  Marks accumulate on the grain over an animal's lifetime, so only the cleanest hides can be used full grain, making these hides the most expensive as they are the hardest to find.  

Top grain leather: These hides have too many defects to be used as full grain, so the grain is sanded or buffed to remove the imperfections such as stretch marks, scratches, moles and even freckles. These hides are sometimes then imprinted with a pattern. The leather is not as strong as full grain leather and doesn't look natural, so it is a step down in quality from full grain.

Genuine leather: This is the most low-grade, inexpensive leather. It's made from what is left over when the other, higher grades are stripped away for pricier projects and typically made out of several layers of leather bonded together with glue and then painted to look uniform.

We only use full grain hides to ensure highest product quality, and since its natural markings and blemishes add character to the finished product.